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"Such a fabulous podcast! I posted it on Facebook and shared with our physician  covid19 task group. Thank you!!"

-Dr. Dedeshya Holowenko, Physician, North Vancouver


"So informative and such a valuable resource. I recommend it!"

-Jules Boyle, Executive Director of AutismBC

"As an early childhood educator, I highly recommend!"

-Lee Hickman, North Vancouver

"I'm learning a lot about Autism for my own personal interest and this Podcast is really shedding some light on the subject. I'm listening to it so that I can understand it better and understand the families that are dealing with it better."

-Mindy V, North Vancouver

"This is a really great podcast. Very professionally made and wonderful content. Thank you!"

-Bethan S, British Columbia

"I love this podcast and would recommend it to anyone who has someone with autism in their life. I love the round tables and Katie's hosting is very professional. The episode with Temple Grandin was a real pleasure pleasure to listen to. I hope Sophie makes her El Autismo movie one day!"

-Andi R, British Columbia

"This podcast gives voice to people living with Autism, direct experience of navigating the world of IEPs, various government agencies, and life on the spectrum."

-Glenn S, Parent

"I’ve really enjoyed listening and learning and I especially appreciate the Canadian perspective. Subscribed, shared, reviewed, anything I can do to bring awareness to this informative podcast!"

-Lindsay M, New Brunswick

“Thank you for sharing the journey... spreading the education makes a massive difference for people living on the Spectrum, like myself. I have autism.”


"Excellent quality recording. Very easy and informative to listen to. We are going through the process of assessment, and this really helps us feel better about potential outcomes and next steps moving forward."

"Informative with a genuine sense of authenticity."

"As a parent of an autistic child, I appreciate this podcast immensely. So much knowledge and insight shared. I especially appreciate the Canadian perspective."

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