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Episode 6 - Celebrating Success on the Spectrum, with Temple Grandin

We hear so much about the challenges that people living on the spectrum face, it’s easy to lose sight of the remarkable strides that people with Autism have made in all areas of society — and when you talk about success with ASD, it doesn’t get much bigger than Dr. Temple Grandin.


She is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and a trailblazer in the Autism world who has appeared on the cover of Time, delivered a famous TED talk, had a movie made about her life, authored myriad books and traveled the world educating people about ASD.


In a very special Life on the Spectrum interview, Dr. Grandin talks about how she overcame some very big obstacles and offers excellent advice for today’s parents. Dr. Grandin argues that "the world needs all kinds of minds."


We couldn't agree more! We’ll also hear from our wonderful teen and parent Autism Roundtables.

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Temple Grandin

Web Links:

Temple Grandin's Books, Resources and Conferences:

Temple Grandin Equine Centre:

Temple Grandin: Why Visual Thinking Is A Different Approach To Problem Solving

Case study by Dr. Temple Grandin: How horses helped a teenager with autism make friends and learn how to work

Trailer for HBO Film "Temple Grandin":


Thinking in Pictures, by Temple Grandin: 


Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin:

Temple Did It, And I Can Too! by Jennifer Gilpin:

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